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   40 Years of Serving Central Florida   

Osceola Art & Frame Gallery owners John and Nancy Lion have been an active part of the Central Florida business community for over 40 years. Their professional experience in building and design, combined with their gallery’s wide selection of thousands of client framing options, resulted in the creation of a unique business that is unlike any of the other framing shops in Kissimmee, FL.


The founding of Osceola Art & Frame Gallery came about through a fusion of John and Nancy Lion’s professional experience and skills. John’s prior work as a craftsman led him to a career of constructing metal buildings and skyscrapers for almost 25 years. Nancy’s extensive design background and position as president of the home building company Interior Unlimited, Inc. gave her a trained eye in all areas of art and aesthetics. Together, they combined their widespread experience and passion for building quality custom pieces and created the Osceola Art & Frame Gallery that clients know today.​

The tailored services provided by Osceola Art & Frame Gallery go above and beyond the work of typical framing companies in Kissimmee, FL. Not only is each frame from our gallery crafted to protect and preserve clients’ belongings, but it is also custom built to add personalized character and beauty to your cherished possessions. At Osceola Art & Frame Gallery, we believe that frames for artwork and collectibles should be expertly crafted and designed. That’s why we are proud to have offered unparalleled customer service to our clients for the last 40 years.


We are always happy to meet new clients and work on new projects with existing clients. If you would like more information on our quality custom frames, shadow boxes and unique artwork selection, we will gladly provide you with answers to your questions. To learn more, give us a call at 407-847-3322.

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